I work at CloudStaff!

We are an Asian based outsourcing company which focus on the needs of start-up and entrepreneurial companies. We have offices in Australia, UK, Philippines and China.

I have always “gotten a buzz” out of helping people use technology to do better business. Every single job that I have every had has involved helping people get the most out of technology. My first job working for Apple resellers in the 80s was showing people the Apple //e and the Macintosh could help their business.

In developed economies, as the cost of employing staff sky-rockets the solution has been to “do more with less” or “use the self-service interface – do if yourself”. We have forgotten what it’s like to have people supporting you in doing your job. How crazy is it to have a $100k a year sales executive doing something a $5k a year person could be doing.

The government tells us that we need to be more productive, but I believe for that to happen, highly paid, highly skilled people need support.

That is what CloudStaff does – we help you support your most valuable, most expensive, most important staff. Whether they are developers, sales people, accounts people or executives.


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