WebCentral offers .NET incentive

WebCentral offers .NET incentive to boost web development

February 14, 2002 — (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — WebCentral (webcentral.com), Australia’s leading supplier of Internet solutions for business, today announced its support of Microsoft’s new .NET initiative. Hailed as a groundbreaking service for the web development industry, Microsoft’s .NET technology is being served to developers to host their VisualStudio.NET applications, for a free trial period.

WebCentral promotes .NET, because it enables business to create components (called Web Services), which can be used by businesses and web developers on the Internet. Providing hosting to developers who want to make their web services available for others, WebCentral expects .NET to be popular with clients.

“There is a great opportunity for business to take the relative ease with which content providers and web developers can ‘publish’ dynamic web services, and grow their markets with value-added product,” said Lloyd Ernst, CEO of WebCentral.

“We predict the most popular web services will grow around messaging, e-payment systems and financial services, and that the market will rapidly embrace these technologies to introduce a broad range of new services in every industry,” he said.

WebCentral’s trial period will allow developers to host their Web Services free for three-months. The promotion includes 10 MB of web space and three months free web hosting, supporting Access or Microsoft SQL databases.

VisualStudio.NET, allows developers to focus the site rather than the server, while saving on Web hosting costs. With the technologies that are in Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework, Microsoft is expected to rival Java.

“Using .NET, software that previously had to be hosted in a protected environment, such as a dedicated server, can now be hosted in a more affordable shared environment, opening new opportunities for making exciting Internet sites on a budget,” Ernst said.

Standardizing the company’s hosting platform to support .NET, WebCentral has invested more than 100 person days in preparation of the new platform.

“Microsoft .NET enables WebCentral to automate monitoring and management of servers, allowing a rapid rollout and the benefits of economies of scale for developers,” Ernst sai

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